A little about me

I have always been an artist. Always in love with beautiful things. Always loved to be around people. Photography become not just an expression of my art, but a chance to meet so many interesting people and their stories. I am just blessed to do what I love and make a living out of it.


How it all begin...

it all started when I bought my first camera... I still remember the day! It was a second hand digital point and shoot from Sony. Very basic, but it was enough to realise I got some talent. Soon I give up what I was doing at that time (graphic designer and musician) and slowly but shortly moving towards becoming professional photographer. I don't regret any second of it!


My passions

I still love music, and I still play in a band in my spare time, but I love to travel, with my backpack and few of my friends we try to see little bit of the world with every chance I get!

POP_8292 web.jpg


I have been a professional since 2005, some of my clients are names like: Philips, Bramac, Ferrari (Fortza Rossa), Profi Supermarket, also working with various magazine and publications. Also every couple that want me to write in pictures their love story. A little over 20 weddings every year.